Why Buy a Crieff Card?

2/3rds of all presents are unwanted

Choosing the perfect gift can be time consuming and difficult. The Crieff Card is an ideal solution and ensures that your gift is wanted.

It’s is shocking that over 40% of all gifts given in the UK are unwanted and end up being thrown out or given away, with £850 million being spent on unwanted Christmas presents alone!

The majority of unwanted gifts (30%) are given to charity shops, with the remainder being sold online, thrown out or given to some one else.


It goes without saying that the best gifts are the ones that are wanted and who knows better what they need or want than the recipient themselves? By giving your friends, family and colleagues The Crieff Card you are giving them the freedom to buy exactly what they want when they want it!

It’s the perfect gift for that person who already appears to have everything.

You don’t have to spend it all at once in the same place. The Crieff Card can be spent on multiple purchases from different participating businesses.

Love Local

There are many reasons why you should shop locally. When you shop locally it has a far greater impact on the community then you may realise. In most cases, local businesses will buy from other local businesses, service providers and farms and employ local people to work for them. Small businesses are also more likely to reinvest their profits in local community initiatives and charities.

Shopping at local independent retailers gives you access to unique products that you won’t find from chain stores or websites.

You’re helping the environment by not travelling yourself but also in the fact that you are buying locally sourced products which require less packaging and transport resulting in less waste and pollution.

It’s easy to buy the perfect gift

You can buy The Crieff Card here on our website. Simply select the card value, choose where you want the card sending to and include a personalised message, we’ll look after the rest. The Crieff Card can be sent by First or Second class post.

If you don’t want to wait, you can buy The Crieff Card straight away from:

• Fun Junction – 4 High Street, Crieff

• Red Squirrel Café – 22-26 East High Street, Crieff

Just ask in store and the staff will be more than happy to help!