Father’s Day is the day we say thank you to the men in our lives who have been there to raise, educate, play with and influence us – thanks Dad!

Although we often think of it as a relatively new celebration, Father’s Day dates to the late 14th century. Historically Catholics celebrated the fatherly love of St Joseph on his name day, 19th March. Over time this came to be a celebration not just of St Joseph but of their own fathers too.

Father’s Day as we know it today was created in America by Sonora Smart Dodd who wished to honour her Civil War veteran father who had raised her and her five siblings single-handed. She, like many others, had great appreciation for the sacrifices her father had made. This celebration continued to grow in popularity across the country before it was warmly welcomed by the British soon after the end of World War II.

One hundred and nine years later it’s time for you to show your love and appreciation for the man in your life who’s always been there. There are many ways you can show your gratitude to your Father. Firstly, there is the king of Dad sports, Golf, which you can enjoy playing with him or watching him play at the beautiful and award winning Crieff Golf Course.
Or, if the rainy weather persists, you might prefer spending some time inside with a dram or two of Glenturret Whisky at their beautiful and historic distillery.

If you can’t be with him that day but would like to show your appreciation through a gift, Valentines stock a brilliant range of socks, surely the most popular gift for Father’s Day across the country!
Whether you want to show your appreciation through food, drink, or something entirely unique you can get everything you need in Crieff. Or, for all those Dads who seem to have everything they could possibly need, why not give him the freedom of choice with The Crieff Card.

No matter what you’re doing this Father’s Day do it with a smile on your face and with love in your heart.