What could be better in this cold weather than a hot, tasty pie, enrobed in crumbly, buttery, melt in your mouth pastry? This week is officially British Pie Week, so we’re celebrating all types of pie, from traditional Cornish pasties and beef and ale to apple pie and supper indulgent apricot and amaretto pie.

Did you know that in 1664 Oliver Cromwell banned pies as he decided it was a “pagan form of pleasure”, let’s face it he had a point, how often do you have the will power not to go in for seconds?

According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive meat pie ever sold goes to The Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire which sold a pie for £8,195 or £1,024 a slice to 8 guests in November 2005. It was made with Wagyu beef fillet, Chinese Matsutake mushrooms, winter black truffles and vintage red wine, the finishing touch was edible gold leaf.

Getting a little closer to home and a little less challenging on your pocket, Tower Bakery, were awarded a silver medal for their steak pie by The Scotch Pie Club in 2017. Campbell’s Bakery have a range of traditional individual savoury pies including scotch pie and Haggis pie or chicken curry for those who like a bit of spice in their life.

Remember Desperate Dan? This comic book hero was supposedly the strongest man in the world who could lift and carry a cow with just one hand. Dan’s favourite pie was cow pie, with the horns sticking out of the top like a Viking helmet. For a good hearty cow pie, minus the horns, why not try a large steak pie from Gourlay’s, serve with creamy mash and veg of your choice – delicious!

As a nation we seem to have a hearty appetite for the humble pie, with research indicating that more than 75% of us will buy at least one pie a month. Why not try a different pie from each of these local food companies before deciding which one is your favourite. For a wide range of different fillings, which change on a regular basis depending on availability of produce, weather and how the Chef’s feeling that day visit The Crieff Food Company. They have a wide range of pies from pulled pork, apple and black pudding to Balmoral pie, a royal favourite of haggis, chicken and pepper sauce or a vegetarian pie for non meat eater lovers of pie.

Sweet, savoury, fresh frozen, home made, hand made, shortcrust or puff what’s your favourite?